2013-2014 RULEBOOKNow Posted Here.  The 2014-2015 rulebook will be out late summer.

The ISR rulebook is Now Posted Here

RULEBOOK UPDATES - Be sure to check back for updates periodically.  It is up to you to be aware of rule changes posted here.

Note:  Safety tech in staging every morning.  Top three to tech after every round.  If you skip tech, you may get a penalty or DQ.


11/7/2013 – ISR Number Requirements

• At this time only racers are required to have this number.

• They can get this number online at on a computer or any mobile device.

• A hard card will be mailed to them in five business days.

10/21/13 – 120 Improved Stock class – If the unit did not come with a rear shock, we will allow a shock upgrade kit for the rear suspension.

Late Entries – Due to an ever increasing number of “late entries” or registrations at the track, we will be sticking to our Late Fee of $25 per class for any entries done after the registration deadline.  Online registration closes the day prior to the event.

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