Coverage for medical expenses (doctor bills, ambulance, hospital and medication) incurred as a result of an injury while participating in an ISR sanctioned/insured snowmobile event is written on an “excess” basis over any other collectible medical insurance the injured person or responsible party might have available to them (primary health insurance). In other words, the injured person’s primary health insurance pays first and then what remains is submitted to ISOC’s race insurance carrier. If the injured person does not have primary health insurance, then the race insurance becomes primary for that individual.

After other insurance benefits have been submitted, you should forward a copy of the other insurance company’s explanation of benefits and the corresponding itemized medical statements.  If your insurance company denies benefits, send a copy of the denial.  Again, if there is no other insurance, this policy will act as primary insurance.

It is imperative that all injuries are reported to the “on-site” medical staff and that an accident report form is filled out by said medical staff.  In addition, the Accident Medical Insurance Claim Form must be filled out by the injured  person, parent or legal guardian and mailed to the address listed at the bottom of the form.  This form is available from the on-site medical staff or by clicking this link (click here).  Failure to follow these stipulated conditions may preclude or delay any claims.

Copies of the accident reports are submitted to the insurance carrier following each event.  The insurance carrier will send a follow-up letter to all claimants with an explanation of benefits and additional information.


ISR offers a Super Excess Medical insurance policy to it’s individual competitors and race crew.  This policy is valid only for ISR sanctioned events in the U.S.  This additional coverage is very beneficial, even if you have private insurance through an employer, spouse, parent, or an individual poliy, as often these policies exclude medical claims as a result of racing activities.  If you don’t have any private coverage, it is even more beneficial.  For more information, please visit Frazier Insurance. Click here


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Injured Participants:

Download PDF Form HERE

Injured participants, please complete the form showing “Page #1″  and fax to Joni Ebert 877-829-0594 or email: “PAGE 2″ is to be completed by the injured or legal guardian and fax directly to K&K at the
fax or email # at the top of page #2.Since this is an excess medical policy, it is the racer’s obligation to forward their primary insurance Explanation of Benefits form along with copies of the bills directly to K&K insurance after their primary insurance
has paid.

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